24/7 Monitoring & Support

SOS Watch Me is an organisation that advances technology to safeguard the safety of vulnerable society members. That includes people with disability, the elderly and patients recovering from a home environment. Some of them will have undergone major surgical procedures but are living alone.

Safety Watch

The business relies on the SOS watch to monitor the safety of our clients on a 24-7 basis. Because of the technology, our clients will be monitored from their home environments. Our emergency facilitates around-the-clock help for clients at risk of medical emergencies.

Every customer will have a profile set up within our system. The details include the following:

How does the system work?

SOS Watch Me supplies the clients with the watch. The clients will choose the package that is suitable for each circumstance. We have a 24/7 panel of experts monitoring the system from our command centre.

If one of the clients is entangled in an emergency, our team will organise the necessary help to save a life. The device consists of an inbuilt technology that detects a fall which alerts the emergency response service. The client must be wearing the device at all times, otherwise the system will not detect the incident.  

Safety Watch

Why SOS Watch Me?

During an emergency, organising your help can be a challenge. Considering that the client will be in distress, the situation requires additional tactics to rescue the client. To access help during a critical time, clients will activate the device and organise an instant solution. The command centre will facilitate suitable help or liaise with the contacts depending on the magnitude of the incident.  

Help can be through close contact, police, or ambulance services. The type of emergency will determine the mode of intervention required to save the situation. Our 24-7 team will work with the client to facilitate the best possible intervention after carefully evaluating the need.  

SOS Watch Me understands that some clients have bleeding disorders. If they fall without urgent intervention, they can die due to blood loss. We accelerate safety measures to save lives for those under medical conditions.   

The majority of our population is aged. There is a more significant percentage of falls in that category of people. Some of them may not access help within the window period hence our 24-7 monitoring systems to save a life.

Many people have been diagnosed with degenerative diseases. That compromises their safety which requires technological initiatives to guarantee safety. They may not afford home-based carers; safety devices are the only option.  

What type of packages do you offer?

Depending on your situation, SOS Watch Me offers various monitoring packages. 

Once per day Package

  • Blood Pressure 5 per day
  • Heartrate 5 per day
  • Temperature 5 per day
  • GPS Location 5 per day
More info This package suits people whose risk levels are moderate. The system will only transmit data once per day, given a lower risk threshold for the client. The package also considers what the client’s can afford based on their budget. That is why the frequency of monitoring is minimal.
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24/7 Monitoring Package

  • Blood Pressure 24/7
  • Heartrate 24/7
  • Temperature 24/7
  • GPS Location 24/7
More info The main package is based on 24/7 client monitoring. In this category, your device will be under surveillance at all times. Our team will monitor every facet of your medical health using available technology. If we detect an abnormal signal, the emergency response team will automatically be deployed to your site. The package is convenient for clients under high-dependency medical conditions.
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Hourly Monitoring Package

  • Blood Pressure 12 per day
  • Heartrate 12 per day
  • Temperature 12 per day
  • GPS Location 12 per day
More info Some clients may not need consistent monitoring, but the frequency can be minimal. That includes hourly surveillance to ensure that the client's safety is monitored. Experts in our team can evaluate your medical data to determine an appropriate mode of intervention.
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What are the key components?

Falls Watch

Falls account for a considerable number of injuries or deaths in Australia. That can be attributed to old age, disability, loss of balance and other medical conditions. Falls watch is one of the key remedies to prevent tragedies in our society.   

Our system is programmed to detect accidental falls through our 24/7 monitoring team. The device is programmed with software that signals to the command centre the moment the fall occurs. The clients are mandated to wear the watch most of the times to enable the monitoring team to maintain track.  

The waterproof device means clients can even wear it during the showers. The watch is powered by mobile service technology and hence depends on mobile signal coverage. The watch is available in an assortment of colours with an adjustable wristband to suit different body sizes.

Medical Alert Devices

SOS Watch Me supplies medical alert devices for the security of the vulnerable. The devices are user-friendly, portable, and ready to use from any location as long as they are within the mobile coverage area. The devices also contain easy-to-activate switches to alert the office during an emergency.

Categories for Medical Alert

The technology monitors various facets of clinical body functions. These include.

Safety Watch

Personal alarm watch

The device is ideal for people intending to maintain an active lifestyle despite age limitations and medical conditions. The watch will be equipped with an auto-dialler system for the preselected contacts. In the case of SOS Watch Me, the alarm will be connected to our system, and our professionals will be available 24/7.

Our watches are equipped with a two-way communication system. Depending on the accident’s severity, clients can still outline details of the emergency. If the client cannot narrate the incident, the emergency team will understand the severity and initiate the necessary intervention plan.  

A key feature in our alarm watches is the GPS locator. Some incidents occur outside your home environment. With GPS technology, the emergency response team can easily locate the client. The system will reveal the exact destination.

The alarm system can be used as a fitness tracker. The system can supply data for the heart function. That can be used to identify signs of stress and identify signs of heart disease based on the statistics. Our teams can recommend a medical review through accredited General Practitioners.

Watch for elderly

Our brand of watches considers the needs of the elderly population. The watches are equipped with all the safety features to manage health at an advanced age group.  

The watches present adjustable belts compatible with that category of age. They are also waterproof, meaning there is no need to remove the watch. Removing the watch is risky because our systems will not detect anything outside the connection window period.   

Watches for the elderly are fitted with long battery life. The charging mechanism ensures a fast-charging mechanism. The majority have a battery lifespan between 10 to 12 hours, depending on usage.  

Most devices use the ‘e-Sim’ system. That means the watch will be part of the mobile network system relying on mobile network coverage. The watch will be used despite having the mobile phone in a different location.   

Watches for the elderly are fitted with an inbuilt watch. That helps the elderly to remember important tasks like medications and appointments. The watch also displays the date and day of the month. It has all the features of a calendar which is convenient for the elderly population.  

Safety watch

SOS Watch Me provides safety watches for emergency communication. That covers the elderly in the event of an incident that requires urgent attention. The devices are not limited to the elderly. They also protect children and people recovering from home. Once the device is triggered, the signal will be relayed to a 24-7 surveillance team.   

Safety watches have other features apart from safety monitoring. Clients use them for location tracking. Others use them for location updates and changes in traffic conditions to divert the routes when travelling for appointments. Some of the modern safety watches have a facility to install additional applications.  

Modern versions of safety watches enable anybody to charge the battery. Instead of the traditional system of cables, they system incorporates magnetic connectors. That makes it convenient for people with limited dexterity such as the elderly.  

Security watches are equipped with a ‘geo-fencing’ feature for clients with mental disorders. That is a safety feature for creating a ‘virtual’ fence if the client moves out of the safe zones. The watch will be programmed within a designated geographical boundary. If the client strays outside the safety zone, that will trigger an alarm. The client will be rescued to safety, especially around traffic zones.

Some of the watches have a non-movement safety alarm system. The system is programmed to sound the alarm if the movement has not been detected over a stipulated duration. That can be an indication of death, seizure, or stroke.   

Other safety watches consist of a speed alarm. The device alarm will indicate increased speed if the wearer boards a bus or train. If the wearer is not allowed to travel without supervision, that will be used as a danger signal.    

Falls alert devices

Falls alert devices are worn around the wrist like a watch. They are used to monitor the client all the time. If the device detects a fall, the signal will be relayed to the next of kin or emergency contact.

The device facilitates peace of mind and protection for vulnerable clients and those at a high fall risk threshold. Most of them are easy to use without a need for additional programming.

Some family members live alone. It is not possible to visit them frequently because of other commitments. Instead, a falls alert device will be an additional form of security and surveillance. Besides automatic falls detection, the device has a trigger to alert contacts after a fall. The selected contact will determine the magnitude of assistance required depending on the severity of the fall.  

Some devices are sensor-based fall detection devices. They are placed in the user’s house, where a sensor is triggered once there is a fall. The sensitivity is activated if the fall is within the selected property or house. 

Fall alert devices are a major source of security. They decrease the risk of injuries and minimise deaths related to falls in the elderly population. They also minimise risks associated with falls, such as bleeding and dehydration.

Factors to consider when choosing a Falls Alert Device

Safety devices are designed with a specific range of motion. Devices attached to the body are not limited because the wearer will not remove the device. Geographical factors limit devices that are not part of the wearable category.

The devices that determine safety must be ‘user friendly’. Most of the beneficiaries of the falls’ safety devices are designed for the elderly. They are limited in terms of using modern technology. The flexibility of usage is a key feature of every safety device.  

There is a rise in competition for devices, and some manufacturers are not reputable. Choosing a device supplier with a reputation minimises the chances of buying defective safety products. Customer reviews can demonstrate the reputation of each product.

There is a rise in competition for devices, some of the manufactures are not reputable. Choosing a device supplier with a reputation minimises chances of buying defective safety products. Reputation can also be demonstrated through customer reviews for each product.