24/7 Emergency Centre

SOS Watch Me provides 24-7 triage emergency centre services. Professionals with medical qualifications will manage the centre. They can interpret medical data and information to arrange corrective intervention at any time.

The experts can also detect medical inconsistencies. That will be achieved after analysing the feedback from the devices because they are trained in the sector. They can interpret clinical data and statistics to determine if the client is at risk of a medical episode like heart failure. If the client is prescribed regular medications, the team can verify if the client is compliant with the prescribed times.

Under an emergency, the device will be linked to our 24-7 emergency department. If the alarm is triggered, the team will automatically react based on the system’s connectivity. Clients are advised to wear the watch at all times. The system may not detect the notification if the client does not wear the watch as instructed.  

Our clients are divided into various categories. Some will be under 24/7 surveillance, meaning consistent emergency centre participation is needed. Other clients require once-per-day monitoring depending on their package but still depend on the emergency support team. 

How does the emergency team identify clients?

All our clients are recorded in the database. Client details are registered for easy access in the case of an emergency. The database consists of detailed client profiles with names, addresses and property access arrangements. The profile specifies the names of the next of kin as part of the registered contacts.    

The customer emergency profile also contains the property key storage location on the site. That will facilitate an emergency entry into the property when required. Only the emergency team and close contacts have access to the profile for security reasons.

Not every alarm requires the presence of the emergency team. Some alarms require police, especially if there is suspicion of criminal activity. Other cases require close contacts to call the client to verify if they need external help.

Under critical cases, our emergency team would facilitate an ambulance to transport the client to the hospital. Our emergency team will assess the incident in each category to determine an appropriate option. The emergency response team is a 24/7 operation, considering the life-saving nature of our operations.

The emergency response department will be manned by qualified staff with relevant experience. All our staff operate on a rotating roster to ensure around the clock service.  

Depending on the plan, clients can call the emergency by activating a button on the watch. Once the alarm is received, the emergency team will interview the client to establish a suitable intervention plan.

Safety Watch

 Sometimes the call can be directed to close contact, not emergency services.

That applies to falls of a lesser magnitude where the client can communicate. Under severe falls, the client may be unable to communicate because of shock and resultant injuries.