What you need to know about a SOS Watch Me watch

With a SOS Watch Me alarm watch, one can go anywhere in Australia, provided there is network coverage. Help will be activated by pushing a button when there is an emergency. With the alarm, there is no need to have a mobile phone attached to the plan. The system bypasses voicemails by repeating the texts

Falls alert device

The individual wears a fall alert device to detect the fall. Detection can be relayed to the emergency support team for action. The device is programmed to detect major falls where the victim may have lost consciousness.   The falls alert device is designed primarily for the elderly population, given that their bodies deteriorate with

SOS Watch – do you need one?

SOS watch is like an ordinary watch worn on the wrist. Despite similarities with a generic watch, the watch can transmit signals to the 24/7 emergency department for urgent help. It is ideal for people living with disability who need to maintain an active lifestyle. The SOS watch enables them to maintain the same routines

Medical Alert Device: What it does for you

A medical alert system is a wearable security device for emergency medical help. It is also called the personal emergency response system (PERS). The purpose of the device is to connect the wearer to a call centre for medical assistance.   Trained medical professionals will manage the centre. The medical team will assess your condition

What you need to know about a Personal Alarm Watch

A personal alarm watch is designed for people at risk of falls or medical emergencies. The list covers people who live alone, experiencing chronic illnesses and those recovering from injuries.   Some are at risk of falls due to a decline in body functionality and compromised mobility. In our ageing population in Australia, the demand

Why some people deserve falls watch facility

Some people require falls watch systems because of a history of frequent falls. Some of them could be attributed to old age and medical conditions. Other people could be a result of poor life choices like excessive alcohol consumption. Some cases can result of people living alone; nobody can monitor their safety except the falls

Benefits of a SOS Watch Me watch

A SOS Watch Me watch is a smartwatch that can be used as a personal alarm. The watch can also be connected to the 24-7 response centre creating peace of mind for elderly clients. If the client feels unwell, they can press a button on the pendant to advise our 24/7 emergency response centre through

Why the watch is necessary for the elderly

A watch for the elderly is a gadget designed for peace of mind. The watch is equipped with features that protect the elderly given their medical vulnerability. The client can even go for walks knowing that the device is fitted with a GPS tracker.   That creates peace of mind for the elderly, considering concerns

Medical Alert Watch: What you need to know

A medical alert watch is an essential device given the technological advancement of the modern world. Medical alert watches combine the benefits of a medical alert system and a smartwatch. The features are combined in a standard-size watch. The device can be more costly than a standard watch, but the benefits outweigh the cost. The

Why you need a fall alert device

Falls alert devices provide a sense of security for sensitive people. That includes people suffering from chronic and acute medical conditions. Some of them will be recovering from home hence the prevalence of falls.   Falls alert devices present in various forms. They can be a wristwatch or a mobile application. The device will trigger