How does your emergency 24-7 Operate?  Our 24-7 emergency response team works around the clock to assist clients under life-threatening conditions. The team also assists clients at risk of an emergency situation. Our team determines the needs of each call to decide if an ambulance is necessary. We also facilitate police intervention depending on the type of emergency.
Do you offer a uniform plan for every customer?  Our plans vary depending on each customer’s preference. Some customers will be at a substantial risk because of age and medical conditions. Therefore, our plans are determined by the client’s budget and the risk threshold for that client.
Do I have to activate the emergency or there is an automated system?  Depending on your package, sometimes the alarm will automatically get activated. You also have an option for manual activation.
 Do I have to buy my own watch, and if so, how much does it cost? The watches are free of charge. Clients only have to pay for the package and services.
Is the watch fitted with the fall detection function? Clients only need to familiarise themselves with the watch settings to identify different applications.
Can I make or receive calls through the watch?  Receiving incoming calls is a standard feature of the watch. Making calls will depend on the plan the client will be operating on. What does the watch package include? The watch will be supplied with all the necessary accessories which include: 
  • The charger/Cable
  • The watch
  • The Wall adapter
  • Instruction booklet
Is it safe to wear the watch in the shower? Is it waterproof? No, that is not safe.  The watch is not waterproof. Exposing it to water is a violation of the manufacturer guidelines for product usage.  However, pedants are waterproof, they can be worn during bath times. Other people wear them when swimming because of the waterproof component.
What happens if I accidentally trigger the alarm? Will I be penalised?  We do not penalise clients for mistakes. Our emergency response team will call you to verify if you are well. We understand people make mistakes, but that is not something to be concerned about.
What qualities do you consider for one to be a nominated contact person?   A nominated contact person must be a person you trust. The person can be a family member, relative, friend or neighbour. The person must also be in close proximity to be accessible in case of an emergency. Selecting a contact person is to safeguard your welfare and security during the day or night-time.
Do you have a stipulated number of contact people?  We recommend a maximum of three contact people. If the number increases, that will be open to violation of privacy. It is unsafe to share your private life with the entire community. The facility can be subjected to abuse. However,  having more than one contact offers flexibility. If one is unavailable, the other contacts will always cover the gap.
What happens if I need the service without the income to pay the bills?  Depending on your situation, you may be eligible for assistance from the Department of Human Services.  Information is available online on how to apply for funding.