Privacy Policy

At SOS Watch Me, we value every client’s privacy. We have facilitated all the systems required to protect the privacy of every visitor to our site. All the information shared with our organisation is protected under our privacy policies.

 SOS Watch Me, complies with data and privacy protection laws, as is the case worldwide. The company has invested a lot to facilitate your data and information security and privacy. Protection includes safeguarding you from misuse, loss, unauthorised data access, alteration, and disclosure. We guarantee that your data and information will be secure.    

As part of our policies, SOS Watch Me will not violate your privacy under privacy laws. The business assures clients that we will not disclose personal information to unauthorised parties.

That includes the following:

  • Names and Postal addresses
  • Email Addresses
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Pension Numbers
  • Medicare Numbers
  • Account Numbers

The information obtained from clients is used specifically to address the terms of the contract. We also use your details for emails and processing bills related to the account.  

All the billing information will be stored in our system specifically for the purpose of the invoices and charges for the current cycle. Any other billing cycle will be subject to your consent or separate billing information.