SOS Watch – do you need one?

SOS watch is like an ordinary watch worn on the wrist. Despite similarities with a generic watch, the watch can transmit signals to the 24/7 emergency department for urgent help. It is ideal for people living with disability who need to maintain an active lifestyle.

The SOS watch enables them to maintain the same routines within their home. Users have an option to select basic SOS features or download additional applications to suit their situation.   

 An SOS Watch is a device to consider if you are under constant medical attention. People suffering from epileptic episodes and living alone are candidates for the watch.  

Falls induced by epileptic attacks can be fatal. Having an SOS Watch for epileptic clients will save lives, given the prevalence of unexpected falls. Most clients under this category will be living alone hence the need for remote monitoring to safeguard their welfare.

If your occupation requires isolation from the rest of the staff, an SOS Watch will be necessary. Some people in the security industry work outdoors, patrolling around building facilities. If the person falls during the night, SOS watch will trigger an alarm for the emergency teams to respond.