What you need to know about a Personal Alarm Watch

A personal alarm watch is designed for people at risk of falls or medical emergencies. The list covers people who live alone, experiencing chronic illnesses and those recovering from injuries.  

Some are at risk of falls due to a decline in body functionality and compromised mobility. In our ageing population in Australia, the demand for personal alarm watches is increasing.

Personal alarms with SOS button with a fall’s detection mechanism can be a source of peace of mind. People no longer worry about lack of lack of company in case of falls or emergencies. If they fall, they can still press the SOS button to the attention of their close contacts. The alarm also has a GPS tracking modality for the search teams to locate the client and redirect them to safety.  

The personal alarm is designed to suit specific client needs. The alarm has an option for automatic falls detection depending on your package. Some clients just have the SOS button facility when at a low-risk threshold. It costs more to have an automatic alarm; hence some people are limited by their budget.

Personal alarms are not only for people with chronic medical conditions. People who work in isolation are ideal candidates for personal alarms. The alarm will alert the emergency response department if an accident occurs under isolation. That applies to remote workers, salespeople and security guards working at night.