What you need to know about a SOS Watch Me watch

With a SOS Watch Me alarm watch, one can go anywhere in Australia, provided there is network coverage. Help will be activated by pushing a button when there is an emergency. With the alarm, there is no need to have a mobile phone attached to the plan. The system bypasses voicemails by repeating the texts and calling sequences.  

The watch has a built-in GPS tracking system that can call up to six people from the emergency contact list. The system will indicate the Google Maps location of the wearer. The location precision range is two metres from the client. It has a battery life span of two days under the fast-charging system.

Once the emergency contact responds to the call, the client can talk through the loudspeaker hands-free facility. The watch is programmed for step counters and various watch face styles to suit individual preferences.   The watch is compatible with Bluetooth and Wifi allow the user to transmit the alarm to the contacts. Friends can call the watch, and the watch can also call out to the nominated list of contacts. The system is embedded with a falls detection mechanism which triggers a falls alert signal to the listed contacts.