Why some people deserve falls watch facility

Some people require falls watch systems because of a history of frequent falls. Some of them could be attributed to old age and medical conditions. Other people could be a result of poor life choices like excessive alcohol consumption. Some cases can result of people living alone; nobody can monitor their safety except the falls watch system.  

After assessing the risk threshold of a client, medical teams will often recommend a falls watch. The falls watch facility is designed to promote the safety of the client. The teams will use the data and falls statistics to determine if the client deserves the falls alert mechanism.

Sometimes the family of the client will initiate the process based on their knowledge of the risks. The process involves other contacts to be listed under the client profile to enable. One can choose friends, family members and neighbours from the contacts list.

 The list must contain people who are trustworthy and known to the client.

People with a criminal record can be disqualified from being active contacts.