Why you need a fall alert device

Falls alert devices provide a sense of security for sensitive people. That includes people suffering from chronic and acute medical conditions. Some of them will be recovering from home hence the prevalence of falls.  

Falls alert devices present in various forms. They can be a wristwatch or a mobile application. The device will trigger the alarm causing a response from the emergency response centre.  

A falls alert device is essential for people under critical medical conditions. Some medical conditions attract medications that promote bleeding. Without a

falls alert device, excessive bleeding can lead to death. The alarm will alert  the emergency response teams to organise urgent medical attention to control the bleeding.   

People who live alone are ideal candidates for a falls alert device. Living with family members is an advantage. They can organise urgent help in case of falls. The device can avert long-term injuries and loss of life. Our falls device can even advise the emergency team even if the victim cannot do it. That is why we advocate for falls alert devices for people who live alone.   

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