About Us

SOS Watch Me is an organisation that promotes the safety of vulnerable members of society. That means people recovering from home, those who live alone and the elderly. The business works in collaboration with Telstra to facilitate safety technology for our clients.

We supply the watch to the clients for free. The clients will only pay for the services. The fee depends on the package selected based on the individual vulnerability threshold.

Safety Watch

On a 24-7 basis, SOS Watch Me relies on an emergency team of experts ready to respond to calls for help. Depending on the specifications of each call, the team can either facilitate an ambulance, police, or a close contact to investigate.

Some of the staff on the emergency panel are professionals in the medical field. Their role is to monitor health parameters to identify cases that need urgent attention. That includes blood pressure data, respiration rate, heart function analysis (ECG) and general fitness.  

Because of their expertise, they can even identify a client at risk by analysing the data through the system. The team can organise an ambulance or monitor the client from a distance depending on the individual’s risk scale.

The system is categorised into packages where our team will monitor clients from their homes. Some packages include 24/7 surveillance from the emergency team to ensure that the client is consistently observed. The other packages require ongoing monitoring, but the frequency will be minimised. The packages depend on the risk scale of the client and individual budgets to finance the program.  

Once per day Package

  • Blood Pressure 5 per day
  • Heartrate 5 per day
  • Temperature 5 per day
  • GPS Location 5 per day
More info This package suits people whose risk levels are moderate. The system will only transmit data once per day, given a lower risk threshold for the client. The package also considers what the client’s can afford based on their budget. That is why the frequency of monitoring is minimal.
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24/7 Monitoring Package

  • Blood Pressure 24/7
  • Heartrate 24/7
  • Temperature 24/7
  • GPS Location 24/7
More info The main package is based on 24/7 client monitoring. In this category, your device will be under surveillance at all times. Our team will monitor every facet of your medical health using available technology. If we detect an abnormal signal, the emergency response team will automatically be deployed to your site. The package is convenient for clients under high-dependency medical conditions.
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Hourly Monitoring Package

  • Blood Pressure 12 per day
  • Heartrate 12 per day
  • Temperature 12 per day
  • GPS Location 12 per day
More info Some clients may not need consistent monitoring, but the frequency can be minimal. That includes hourly surveillance to ensure that the client's safety is monitored. Experts in our team can evaluate your medical data to determine an appropriate mode of intervention.
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One of the most prominent safety mechanisms is the falls watch. The alarm system on the watch can detect a fall and automatically raise the alarm with the emergency response centre. The system works in conjunction with the mobile network coverage.  

It also includes an inbuilt fall detection mechanism, a speaker phone, and a microphone pendant. If the fall is not severe, the client can press a call button and report the fall. Help will be organised depending on the plan. That can be directed to the next of kin or ambulance to ensure the client is adequately  assessed.

The pendant also contains an inbuilt GPS tracking system to locate the client if they get lost. The system works on a satellite system to verify the location. That will help the search team identify the missing person’s location. The alarm will be triggered once the person moves out of the designated safe zone. The alarm will mobilise the search teams to ensure the missing person is safely retrieved from a danger zone.  

In summary, SOS Watch Me is dedicated to saving lives through technology to monitor at-risk members of society. We work with reputable service providers like Telstra to facilitate non-interrupted service. Our technology is tested to guarantee the safety of our clients. Our client base embraces the aged, disabled, people living in isolation and patients recovering from major surgical procedures.