Falls alert device

The individual wears a fall alert device to detect the fall. Detection can be relayed to the emergency support team for action. The device is programmed to detect major falls where the victim may have lost consciousness.  

The falls alert device is designed primarily for the elderly population, given that their bodies deteriorate with age. With the device, the client will be assured that they have access to urgent help if needed. Having the device for a loved one guarantees peace of mind for the elderly and the rest of the family.   

Instead of the victim triggering the alarm, the device will automatically relay the information to the emergency centre. For minor falls, the client will have the capacity to trigger the alarm which will prompt the contact team to respond. Once the alarm is detected at the emergency centre, the panel will decide if the case requires an ambulance or law enforcement agencies.   Due to advanced technology, some fall alert devices are modified to suit individuals at substantial risk of falls. Instead of responding to a fall, other device versions are fitted with a fall prevention mechanism. That means if the alarm will alert the carers if there is a potential for a fall.